CPTWG Policy Regarding Meetings
(Including Teleconferences)

CPTWG and its Co-Chairs have followed these rules as to press attendance and attendee responsibilities, which will now be posted on the CPTWG web site:

  • Attendance at CPTWG and subgroup meetings, including teleconferences, is not open to the press, i.e., print, broadcast, online, or other journalists attending in such capacity. In the course of the customary self-introductions at the outset of each meeting, the moderating Co-chair will ask if any such person is in attendance, and if so, out of fairness, will insist on compliance with this rule.
  • TDiscussions occurring in CPTWG and subgroup meetings are considered "public," in that: (1) it is expected that all written and audiovisual presentations will be posted promptly on the CPTWG web site, and (2) attendees are free to discuss with the press the subjects and the discourse occurring at any meeting. However, out of respect for personal and corporate policies over public attribution, it is up to each attendee whether he or she wishes (his or her own) statements made in the course of a meeting to be quoted verbatim in the press.


In the interest of fostering free, open and constructive discussion, the Co-chairs ask all attendees to accept these responsibilities:

  • To promote civil and relevant discourse. Therefore, to avoid and to discourage disruptive behavior (e.g., purposely irrelevant or obscuring comments on a teleconference) or public mischaracterization of the remarks of others.
  • To respect personal discretion and corporate policies over public attribution. Therefore, to obtain permission before offering to the press a statement of another participant as a verbatim quotation.
  • To publish all written or visual presentations. Therefore, all such presentations will be made available on the CPTWG website.